How to apply for a grant

You can explore partnering with SBI Foundation for a specific project. If your organisation works in one or more of the Focus areas supported by SBI Foundation.

  • Implementation partners are required to submit Assets & liabilities statement of the Directors/Trustee. The form can be downloaded from here

  • Certify tax-exempt status under 12A, Section 80(G) and/or 35 A ( C ) and/or FCRA of the Indian Income Tax Act, 1965.

  • Have a track record of minimum 3 years of service.

  • Have executed similar projects in the past

  • Not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, genetic information, citizenship, veteran or marital status, or any other basis prohibited by law

Please do not submit funding requests for:

  • Individual needs, including scholarships, sponsorships and other forms of financial aid.

  • Fund-raising activities, such as galas, benefits, dinners, Marathons and sporting events.

  • Goodwill advertising, souvenir journals or dinner programs.

  • Travel for individuals or groups.

  • Sectarian activities of religious organizations.

  • Political causes, candidates, organizations or campaigns.

  • Books, magazines or articles in professional journals.

  • Endowments or capital campaigns, except restoration projects.

  • Traveling exhibitions (we will only consider each venue on its own)

  • Activities other than the ones mentioned in the Schedule VII of the Indian Companies Act, 2013

  • Singing concerts, music and dance festivals, award function and Bhajan-Kirtan

If your organization qualifies as an eligible organization and you are exploring partnership opportunity with SBI Foundation, then you can download the concept note.

The Concept Note should be filled properly with precise answer/reply to/in each section and you can submit your application online by uploading the concept note along with required documents. Kindly send the document in .doc or .pdf format only. You are requested to not send any additional material by email / postal service/courier at this time.

Please click here to download the concept note for submission.Please note that applicants will receive a response from the SBI Foundation within 30 days.

If the concept submitted by you is found to be feasible with reasonable required financial outlay, we will take you through the grant-making process. It involves project proposal submission in our Standard formats, Providing necessary details in the Due diligence forms, multiple levels of review and evaluation. It may take between three to six months. Going through the different levels of review and evaluation is not an indication of fruition of grant support. The final decision on sanction / non-sanction of a grant application will be known only at the end of the review process