Centre of Excellence for Persons with Disability

Majority of persons with disabilities can lead a better quality of life if they have equal opportunities and effective access to rehabilitation measures. There has been an increasing recognition of abilities of persons with disabilities and emphasis on mainstreaming them in the society based on their capabilities.

SBI Foundation has set up a “Centre of Excellence for PWD’s” (CoE) with a goal to make it a centralized support centre for PwD’s. The CoE will primarily work on empowerment of PWDs through skill enhancement. It will provide;

  • (1) Demonstration services related to Empowerment of PwDs at workplace (learnings from SBI) for other in the BFSI Sector & PSUs and at a later stage in the entire PSU sector 

  • (2) Building channel partners like other centres/institutions engaged in similar activities

  • (3) Advocacy and recommendations at appropriate forums

  • (4) Research & Development in Disability Management

  • (5) Capacity building for trainers

SBI Youth for India (SBI YFI)

SBI Youth for India (SBI YFI) is a unique, Indian rural development fellowship program initiated, funded and managed by the State Bank of India in partnership with reputed NGOs of the country. It provides a framework for India's bright young minds to join hands with rural communities, empathize with their struggles and connect with their aspirations. The selected fellows, from some of the top institutes/corporates, work with experienced NGOs on challenging development projects.

The fellowship is an initiative to sensitize and provide avenues for the youth to become aware of ground realities and contribute through their personal efforts towards building strong cohesive communities through interventions across different areas of health and sanitation, livelihood, education, women empowerment, etc. The focus of the fellowship has been in generating interest of the educated youth towards the social sector and in incubating the spirit of social entrepreneurship.

The 13-month program allows fellows to travel to length and breadth of the country and make a difference on grass-root level. For more information, visit www.youthforindia.org